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How the NFC North will play out – Every game predicted

When the Detroit Lions 2019 schedule was revealed, many believed that after five weeks they would be on the outside looking in when it comes to the NFL Playoff picture. After all, three of their first four games were against playoff teams from a season ago.

As we know, the Lions have managed to navigate their treacherous early-season schedule and despite a heartbreaking loss to the Green Bay Packers, they now sit at 2-2-1 through the first six weeks of the season.

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We can all agree that the Week 7 matchup between the Lions and Minnesota Vikings is a big one, but just how big is it? With a win, the Lions would still be in the hunt in the NFC North, while a loss would bury them even further in the standings.

Only time will tell but we thought it would be fun to take a look at the final 11 weeks of the season from an NFC North perspective to see exactly how we believe things will play out.

It all starts this coming weekend with the Lions hosting the Vikings, the Packers hosting the Raiders, and the Bears hosting the Saints.

But first, here is what the current NFC North standings look like through Week 6.


*Note BOLDED teams are the predicted winner

Week 7

Minnesota @ Detroit 

Oakland @ Green Bay 

New Orleans @ Chicago 


Green Bay 6-1
Chicago 4-2
Detroit 3-2-1
Minnesota 4-3

Week 8

Washington @ Minnesota 

Los Angeles Chargers @ Chicago 

New York Giants @ Detroit 

Green Bay @ Kansas City


Green Bay 6-2
Chicago 5-2
Detroit 4-2-1
Minnesota 5-3

Week 9

Minnesota @ Kansas City

Chicago @ Philadelphia

Detroit @ Oakland

Green Bay @ Los Angeles Chargers


Detroit 5-2-1
Green Bay 6-3
Chicago 5-3
Minnesota 5-4

Week 10

Detroit @ Chicago

Carolina @ Green Bay

Minnesota @ Dallas


Green Bay 7-3
Chicago 6-3
Detroit 5-3-1
Minnesota 5-5

Week 11

Dallas @ Detroit

Denver @ Minnesota

Chicago @ Los Angeles Rams

Green Bay – BYE


Green Bay 7-3
Detroit 6-3-1
Chicago 6-4
Minnesota 6-5

Week 12

New York Giants @ Chicago

Detroit @ Washington

Green Bay @ San Francisco

Minnesota – BYE


Green Bay 8-3
Detroit 7-3-1
Chicago 7-4
Minnesota 6-5

Week 13

Chicago @ Detroit

Green Bay @ New York Giants

Minnesota @ Seattle


Green Bay 9-3
Detroit 8-3-1
Chicago 7-5
Minnesota 6-6

Week 14

Dallas @ Chicago

Washington @ Green Bay

Detroit @ Minnesota


Green Bay 10-3
Detroit 8-4-1
Chicago 7-6
Minnesota 7-6

Week 15

Tampa Bay @ Detroit

Chicago @ Green Bay

Minnesota @ Los Angeles Chargers


Green Bay 11-3
Detroit 9-4-1
Chicago 7-7
Minnesota 7-7

Week 16

Detroit @ Denver

Kansas City @ Chicago

Green Bay @ Minnesota


Green Bay 11-4
Detroit 10-4-1
Minnesota 8-7
Chicago 7-8

Week 17

Green Bay @ Detroit

Chicago @ Minnesota


Detroit 11-4-1
Green Bay 11-5
Minnesota 9-7
Chicago 7-9


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