NFL 2019 – The Top Runners and the Lions

Football fans are gearing up for a monumental competition as the NFL celebrates 100 seasons this year. As it is, the NFL is the most watched and popular football competition in the world, but winning this landmark event will be of a high priority for all the teams concerned. The games will commence in September, but everyone from the fans and punters to the bookmakers and players is excited about the prospects of starting the season with a clean slate where anything can happen. 


Leading bookmakers are already on their job and have released advanced odds for the teams they believe will do well this time. With the rise of sports betting around the world, newcomers and professionals should be looking at betting offers like these to maximise their profits on the advanced odds, and pick up some extras like welcome bonuses and free bets along the way. As a Detroit Lions fan, you might have some reservations towards betting on the team, but fear not, for last year was a wake-up call and the Lions are sure to bounce back with a bang, proving to be a game changer with the right kind of motivation. 



Detroit Lions

Last season started with a lot of expectations for the Lions but ended in disappointment. The fact of the matter is that whenever a new coach or manager enters the scene, there is bound to be a period of uncertainty. For Matt Patrica, 2018 was exactly that, and while his routine will be under a microscope this year, we can certainly expect that the dynamics of the team has improved, and the same will reflect in their games early on. Moreover, fans expect Stafford to bounce back this time around and overcome his lacklustre performance of last season. Presently though, the bookies are not all too confident and have the Lions at 50/1 odds as the NFC winner. However, it is worth waiting to see how the first few games go before starting to place bets on them. 


New England Patriots

It’s no surprise that the New England Patriots are the favourites for the 2019 season. After having won Super Bowl LIII, they will be giving it everything in the hopes of a back-to-back victory. As six-time champions, they have the confidence to go all the way ingrained in their mind and body, and it shows when they play. It’s safe to assume that they will be the top contenders as AFC winners with 10/3 odds, but are also in the lead for the Super Bowl LIV as bookmakers have them on 51/2 odds. 

Los Angeles Rams

The other favourite to make it all the way through are the Rams. They have been playing consistently well, and if they can just work on their defence a little, there won’t be any stopping them in 2019. The bookies seem to be quite confident, and that’s why they have at 9/2 odd on them as NFC winners. As for the Super Bowl, they are a short hop behind the Patriots to win, with odds of 10/1.  



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