NFL analyst believes Detroit Lions should make huge trade

When it comes to wide receivers, the Detroit Lions do not necessarily have one of the best units in the NFL. In fact, on paper, they may have the worst.

But does that mean they should consider trading the Atlanta Falcons for 7-time Pro Bowl wide receiver, Julio Jones?

According to Shaun O’Hara of the NFL Network, the Lions should be a team trying to trade for Jones.

My opinion on this matter should not come as a surprise. Overpaying for a wide receiver should be a fireable offense for an NFL GM and trading for a star wide receiver is nothing different.

I believe that Brad Holmes feels the same way about WRs as I do and I would be absolutely shocked (and upset) if it were to happen.

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2 thoughts on “NFL analyst believes Detroit Lions should make huge trade”

  1. I agree that making that trade would be ridiculous at this stage. If were going to overpay for a wide receiver we would have kept Kenny Goliday. Give the new war’s a chance and see what they can do, keep your eye out for good waiver wire candidates, stay the course.

  2. First off Kenny Golladay was and is not a number one WR . He was put in that position for two years and missed how many games and couldn’t beat a double team, so he is not worth that kind of money. Now to Jones , he was hurt the last two years and his age is another bad trade option . Why waste draft picks for someone who might not be there 2- or 3 years. They can get a WR next year in first and 2nd rounds . But find out how speed will work as if you have a running game and a WR on each side that requires a safety for both or CB playing off ten yards because if they get beat playing press by a speedster it is over if there is no safety deep.
    Worse WR group on paper by who? They are wrong every year! Watch to see how the lions use their players strength and not trying to fit them into a system like the last staff ( you do this or you suck ) . Let’s see what they do , if they win 5 then it is in the right direction because of 4 1st round picks in the next 2 years. I predict 5-6 wins this year.

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