NFL analyst gives bold prediction regarding the Detroit Lions for upcoming season


NFL analyst, Elliot Harrison has compiled ‘bold predictions’ for all AFC and NFC teams leading up to the start of the 2016 season. Harrison really goes into great detail and some predictions certainly come as a surprise to some people.

Harrison’s ‘bold prediction’ when speaking of our hometown, Detroit Lions is titled ‘Matthew Stafford enjoys his most efficient season … without Megatron‘ and here’s the reason why…

It’s July, and we’re still lamenting Calvin Johnson’s decision to hang ’em up. But did anyone ever think Stafford might be more efficient now? Stafford himself implied that he would need to apply himself more, study more, with Johnson not in the mix. While it should be slightly disturbing for Lions fans that their quarterback — a seven-year veteran — might have been avoiding cracking the books until now, it does make sense that Stafford will have to read the whole field and go through his progressions. One other note on this: Johnson averaged 13.8 yards per catch last season, nearly 2.5 yards under his career average entering 2015. It was time for the offense to have a slightly different focus.

Stafford - Flickr
Photo Credit: Tommy Williams/Flickr

It seems as though Harrison is agreeing with something Lions quarterback, Matthew Stafford said about a month ago. Stafford spoke about how he sees the Lions’ offense having an advantage with the departure of wide receiver, Calvin Johnson. Defenses can’t zero in on just one guy anymore and that surely is an advantage for Detroit. They can utilize the receivers on their roster in many different ways and even include the running back position into the passing game as well.

I like this ‘bold prediction’ by Elliot Harrison. I also believe that Matthew Stafford will have an extremely efficient season under center for the Lions. Stafford will still distribute the ball at a high level on offense to the many targets at his disposal, even with Megatron not involved in the offense scheme of things anymore in Motown.