NFL analyst makes surprising prediction for Detroit Lions

Most people seem to be pretty optimistic about the 2022 Detroit Lions but we found one NFL analyst who is not.

The Detroit Lions may have finished the 2021 season with a 3-13-1 record but it seems like everywhere you look, both the local media and the national media feel like the Lions will AT LEAST double their win in 2022.

In fact, there are quite a few people who believe the Lions could be a team to watch in the NFL this year and that they could make a run at the NFL Playoffs.

One person who clearly does not agree that the NFL Playoffs are in the mix for the Lions in 2022 is Adam Rank of the NFL Network.

NFL analyst makes surprising prediction for Detroit Lions

During a recent show on the NFL Network, Rank gave his game-by-game predictions for each team in the league and he has the Lions finishing with a 5-12 record in 2022.

Here is how Rank thinks the Lions' season will go:

Week 1 vs. Eagles  (Loss)

Week 2 vs. Commanders (Win)

Week 3 at Vikings  (Loss)

Week 4 vs. Seahawks  (Win)

Week 5 at  Patriots  (Loss)

Week 6 – Bye Week

Week 7 @ Cowboys  (Loss)

Week 8 vs. Dolphins  (Loss)

Week 9 vs. Packers  (Loss)

Week 10 at Bears  (Win)

Week 11 at Giants  (Loss)

Week 12 vs. Bills  (Loss)

Week 13 vs. Jaguars  (Loss)

Week 14 vs. Vikings  (Win)

Week 15 at Jets (Win)

Week 16 at Panthers  (Loss)

Week 17 vs. Bears (Loss)

Week 18 at Packers  (Loss)

Nation, do you agree with Rank or do you think the Lions' will at least double their wins from a year ago? Do you think the Detroit Lions could actually make a run at a playoff spot in 2022?


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