NFL commissioner Roger Goodell praises Detroit Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp [Video]

On Saturday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was at Ford Field to watch the Detroit Lions practice and he is clearly impressed with the job that Sheila Ford Hamp has done since taking over as owner of the team.

Lions team reporter Dannie Rogers caught up with Goodell and asked him about the job Sheila has done so far.

“She really put her print on this team in the offseason,” Goodell said to Lions team reporter, Dannie Rogers. “I think with Chris Spielman coming on board, and Brad, and Coach. You can just feel the culture change she's really pushing here. And it's a more collaborative approach, she's looking to do things differently. And you can see it on the field you can see it. Everybody here has an energy level and an excitement. And I think it's gonna be a team that these fans are going to be really proud to watch and watch them compete. Listen, it's hard to compete in this league but they're going to be fighters and that's clear.”

Here is the full interview.