NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell releases statement regarding 2020 season

On Friday evening, news broke that the NFL and NFLPA approved an agreement that will allow training camps around the league to begin as scheduled.

Following the announcement, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell released a statement noting that the 2020 season will “undoubtedly present new and additional challenges” but that the league is committed to playing a safe season that will culminate “with a Super Bowl.”

Nation, do you think the NFL will get through a full 16-game season, playoffs, and Super Bowl?


Michael Fulmer’s comeback start with Tigers is aligning with a special day in Detroit

It has been a long road back for Detroit Tigers SP Michael Fulmer, who has gone nearly 2 years without pitching against hitters from another team.

But on Wednesday, Fulmer took the mound for the Tigers in a Summer Training game against the Cincinnati Reds, and now he is lined up perfectly to make his first start since undergoing Tommy John surgery. That start looks like it will come on what is an unofficial holiday in Detroit.

Opening Day.

Though Tigers manager Ron Gardenhire would not confirm that Fulmer will be starting the Tigers home opener on Monday against the Kansas City Royals, he did not deny it either.

“We like it,” Gardenhire said after Wednesday’s game. “We’re not going to announce our plans to the world so they know what’s coming, so I’m not going to tell you exactly what’s going to happen. That could happen, but we’re not guaranteeing it.”

Regardless of when Fulmer makes his comeback start, it will be an emotional day and we wish him the best of luck.

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