NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sends pointed message to Detroit Lions

According to a report from John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal, NFL executives called out the Detroit Lions (and four other teams) during an August meeting for poor ticket sales.

Ourand said in the article that Roger Goodell has grown “more frustrated with NFL teams that are not optimizing the unprecedented strength and stability of the league.”

The other teams that were called out were Washington, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, and the Jets.

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69 thoughts on “NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sends pointed message to Detroit Lions”

  1. Roger Goodell wants fans to go to games and watch the referees take games away with those bad calls. If you would hold these referees accountable for taking games from teams. It doesn’t happen every game but it does happen at least once a year.

  2. Roger should pay more attention to getting the officiating better!! Every game I watch they’re missing calls. Two other games they missed delay of game calls!!

    • He should stop getting in all this political shit and worry about football and the way refs take games away from teams seems like the calls happen to cover the points spread on the gambling sites

  3. Maybe if he had some balls, he wouldn’t have allowed these overpaid millionaires to disrespect our flag and sales wouldn’t be suffering.

    • You still don’t understand why those athletes kneeled during the anthem. How hard headed can you be? It was a protest to bring awareness to the injustices that were taking place here in our country. In no other country are people of a different color being murdered by police officers every few months. These players have said it over and over again, that they are not disrespecting our flag or country they are just trying to open people’s eyes to what’s going on…

      • It’s amazing that police kill twice as many white people then they do blacks, each of the last 5 years, but you never hear about that.
        I’m not agreeing on the side of racist or anything. Because I think people that think there better then other need to grow up. But facts are facts.

      • Newsflash:
        People who watch sports don’t want politics shoved in their face during the game. Furthermore, Kaepernick was a lousy quarterback who used his employer’s popularity to amplify his OWN voice in an effort to keep himself relevant. Never forget that before Kaepernick took a knee, he had already lost his job to Blaine Gabbert.

    • Take your invader ass back to Europe. America is stolen property and by manifest destiny it will be reclaimed. So go home before the indigenous people of this land force you from the realm of the living.

    • You are spot on Wally! Call it what it is…….a huge distraction that has absolutely nothing to do with the sport of football. I’m not a racist AT ALL but, this agenda is not what NFL fans want to pay to see.

    • It means they are disrespecting our flag. Our military and all who have passed away saving our freedom..whatever excuse they are trying to justify no national anthem. No standing for our flag. Doesn’t pass the smell test for Americans, and takes away our motto, God Bless the USA..

  4. Goodell is an overpaid dickhead!!! He can go fuck himself. He knows dick about running anything. He couldn’t operate a hot dog stand.

  5. Always amazing how a $50 million a year guy can’t figure out that ticket, jersey, food and parking prices are hard for ordinary people to afford on $35 thousand a year salaries..

    • Finally a comment from someone with a brain. Tickets, parking, concessions, prices are obscene. Mostly because of prima donna’s salaries and owner greed

  6. Maybe stop the millionaire players from beating on their women. That would be a start . Zero tolerance or your moving on to your 2 nd choice in life.

  7. Roger needs to look at his leadership being at fault. Disrespecting our flag, poor officiating, BLM slogans on helmets & the field. Keep our proverse politics out of the NFL

  8. Fuck roger he’s a pos anyways, and the lions screw the lions they suck, I stopped watching nfl ever since they decided to take a knee.. fuck the nfl and roger you pussy

  9. Roger Goodell needs to figure out how to get some decent officiating!!!! Maybe if it wasn’t so bad to absolutely destroy some games, more people might be willing to fork over all that money for a live game

  10. Let me see…inflation up, energy prices up, uncertainty about employment, outrageous ticket and concession prices and salaries. Along with that, a boring product. Maybe Roger Goodell should look in the mirror and lecture himself.

  11. How about lower ticket prices, respect for America and dump the “black anthem” since it is racist. They still can fuck the public on concession prices.

  12. If the NFL wants better fan attendance, then they need to get this woke crap out of the league. They need to get rid of players and owners who embrace this garbage. They also need to get better referees, hiring people who are not doctors, lawyers, and professional people who don’t have an agenda.Until they do so by getting tough and backing the fans, they will continue to see poor attendance. Also, Washington Football Team needs to go back to Washington Redskins. There is nothing wrong with this because Native American Indians have red skin and they don’t have a problem with it. Besides, I am 1/8th Cherokee, and I don’t have a problem with it. NFL, get your heads out of your butts and stop listening to these damn liberals.

  13. The woke people have turn your fans away, just like NASCAR has! Team Name changes, Disrespecting the Flag an country! What did you expect? You brought this upon yourselves!

  14. Roger should try and pack more gambling ads into the NFL. We don’t have enough of that nonsense being hawked just yet. Make every other ad be for gambling.

    • I wont buy a ticket since them idiots decided to disrespect the flag. I used to goto alot of games. Fuck all that now!!!!

  15. How about lowering the prices of tickets if you want to fill stadiums? The average ticket price is way too high for most families to go to the stadium. I cannot take my son without putting aside three to $400. That’s parking that’s getting in there’s food and merchandise all the things that you want to have to have a quality experience at an NFL game. When Tom Brady went back to New England with the Tampa Bay buccaneers Some of the seeds were going for as much is five to $7000. I don’t give a damn if Jesus Christ himself is your quarterback I’m never paying that kind of money I can watch his miracles from my couch thank you very much

  16. He is the biggest ass the NFL has ever had as commissioner. His leadership has been dictator like. His hipocrcy has no bounds, this asshole wants to run the world, my way right or wrong that’s Goodall, kinda like the brain dead asshole in the Whitehouse.

  17. I’m a Detroit Lions fan and if they hadn’t sucked for the last 50 years maybe they could fill the stands every week. Why doesn’t Goddell come and take over the team

  18. Lion fans have been the biggest suckers for years but it’s getting harder to even fool them.
    The Finageler
    Clinton Twp

  19. Perhaps the league isn’t as stable as this fool seems to think. The fans are very tired of ALLOT of things going on in this shit show.

  20. In my honest opinion, fans are leaving, I myself included, because of poor officiating, poor play by teams, and divisiveness. Everyone is talking about uniting America. NFL sends a different message when they allow two “National” Anthems.

  21. Disrespectful players, two anthems, poor officiating – not only do I not attend games. I no longer watch on TV … my only hope is that enough people stop supporting the NFL

  22. The popularity (or lack of) is a direct responsibility of Goodell. By letting BLM and other radical groups dictate NFL policy (ie kneeling & and alternative anthems) he has contributed to falling popularity. I have not watched an NFL GAME or purchased any NFL stuff in two years and don’t plan to until the NFL starts using common sense.

  23. Nobody wants to go to a game where a bunch of pansy’s kneel like whining babies who aren’t getting their way. I think that sums up his point

  24. Maybe the NFL should consider changing the management of such teams as the as they have been consistent losers for years and have made decisions that a teenager would be better at than who’s making them now for exsample Jacksonville keeping Urban Myers’s after his booty stop

  25. Roger Goodell is a chicken liberal and the worst commissioner the NFL has ever had that’s why I don’t support the NFL anymore if It tired of them stressing the black national anthem the key word is black we already have one national anthem we don’t need another one. They are further dividing this country by stressing black , I like the song but we don’t need it. Fuck Roger Goodell,!!!

  26. A fan can only take so much and weak ticket sales are part and parcel of a team that loses at every turn.

  27. Sure… it has nothing to do with the fact that with the possible exception of Cincinnati, these are all losing teams…. and losing teams with a recent history of losing. It’s hard to “market” such expensive tickets to fans when there’s a very likely chance that their team will lose.

  28. Maybe when the play clock is at 0 that should be when the game is over. But not for the Ravens? I haven’t watched a game of football since. No reply to end game, no Roger comment for that? Never watching football again tell Rodger Goodell is fired!

  29. If Goodell had any sense he would realize that 1 there is only one national anthem 2 if a player can’t show respect for our flag and all of those who have fought for it by kneeling or staying in the locker room, then they don’t deserve to be on the field at all. Fire them and any coach or owner that supports that travesty. 3 If the refs can’t call a good game they don’t deserve to be on the field, either. 4 Ticket prices are astronomical and out of reach for many people. 5 Support for BLM (burn, loot, murder) is outrageous and has permanently turned off many of the dwindling fans. Roger will never get his head out of his ass so it’s time to fire his stupid ass, too. He’s too stupid to realize that the NFL stands for No Fans Left. I don’t waste my time on it anymore.

  30. Not that this has anything to do with anything but the Detroit Lions should drop Jared Goff and hire Colin Kaepernick as their quarterback that man can throw the ball white or black doesn’t matter he’s a quarterback the quarterback with skill and she bringing in the Detroit if you loved the world that he can still do

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