NFL evaluator has high praise for Detroit Lions newest LB Derrick Barnes

The moment the Detroit Lions selected LB Derrick Barnes in the fourth round of the 2021 NFL Draft, I made the prediction that he would start for the team immediately.

After reading what one NFL evaluator has to say about Barnes, my prediction is not as bold as I once thought!

From The Athletic:

The Lions’ fourth-round selection of linebacker Derrick Barnes was termed “a steal” by one veteran evaluator. He thinks Barnes, who moved to inside linebacker from outside linebacker in 2020, has first-round talent as an inside linebacker and is a better prospect than 2017 Lions first-round pick Jarrad Davis was. “The combine had bad grades on him, and people didn’t know about him until late,” he said. “But he’s big, fast and tough.”

Here is the video that originally got me so excited about Barnes.