NFL executive approves of trade that would send Detroit Lions’ QB Matthew Stafford home

With the reports of Deshaun Watson wanting out of Houston, plenty of people have begun tossing around potential trade partners for the Texans, and one team that continues to come up as a possibility is the Detroit Lions.

Now, I have made it pretty clear that I don’t think Matthew Stafford (who is from Texas) will be traded and that the Lions will eventually end up giving him a contract extension, assuming he wants to stay in Detroit.

That being said, Mike Sando put out a piece on Monday that takes a look at 5 potential Deshaun Watson trades and the Lions made the list. In fact, the trade Sando proposes is one that one unnamed NFL executive seems to approve of.

As you can see below, the proposed trade would send Watson to the Lions in exchange for Stafford, the No. 7 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, and the Lions 1st and 2nd round picks in 2022.

From The Athletic:

Deshaun Watson
Matthew Stafford
2021 1st (No. 7)
2022 1st
2022 2nd

Matthew Stafford would head home to Texas under this scenario, finally escaping Detroit, only to land with a franchise that appears to have sunk lower. Houston would regain some of the draft capital needed to refortify its offensive line and defense over the next couple of seasons. Would Watson approve a trade to Detroit? That’s a question for another day.

“I like this deal best of the five,” an exec said. “Stafford is only 32 and can play another five years, at least. You might not get a quarterback at seven if you are Houston, but you wouldn’t need one.”

Nation, if this deal ends up being on the table, should Lions new GM Brad Holmes pull the trigger?

What do you think?

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  1. Absolutely pull the trigger. I can see this years 1st with Stafford and a couple second rounders, but two first rounders with Stafford and a second rounder is a bit much, even though watson is leaps and bounds better then stafford

  2. Nope there isn’t that big a gap between Watson and Stafford, Detroit would be getting hosed in that deal. Giving up way to much to take on a larger contract. PASS

    • There is that big of a gap between watson and Stafford. Now two first rounders might be a bit much, but…. watson is so much better then stafford it makes me chuckle when I hear lions fans who clearly only watch lions games even put a top tier qb in ANY SORT of comparison with our second/third tier quality qb

  3. Who came up with this trade? Watson’s mom? No NFL exec would say Watson is worth 3 first round picks? If you’re looking for an NFL standard pro style offense, no way would you want Watson over Stafford in the first place!

    • I have read a few of these trades and Houston is the team that has to deal Watson not the Lions but they act like they need to give up Stafford for a QB THAT IS YOUNG AND IMMATURE is crazy . Watson for the 7th pick or Watson straight up for Stafford or Detroit can count on another 10 years of Ford mistakes. I am 61 and the lions have been nothing but an income for the Ford family and it should be an embarrassment to their family being such good losers.
      These guys love Houston and are trying to make Houston an contender and keep the lions at the bottom.
      Sports writers are so stupid that is why they write about sports and don’t play or coach.

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