NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin has a fiery message for unvaccinated players

The Dallas Cowboys are among the NFL teams that have yet to reach the 85% vaccinated threshold, which would enable them to ease COVID-19 restrictions as training camps are right around the corner.

And NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin is taking them to task.

“Yeah, and it should upset them,” Irvin said of the Cowboys. “It should upset them. Dude, you’re not thinking right. You’re not thinking right. Whatever you got, I don’t give a damn. … Nothing else can be more important.

“You’re not going to get this [winning a Super Bowl] easily. Nothing else could be more important. … Jimmy [Johnson] made that abundantly clear [during Irvin’s playing career]. Nothing else is more important. And not being one of the [teams] says there’s other things to a great number of people on this team that are more important than winning championships, and that makes me worried.”

At least 13 NFL teams have reached the 85% vaccinated threshold. For unvaccinated players, they will not be able to leave the team hotel and must wear masks and remain distanced from people inside the facility.

“If you’re not one of them teams [at the threshold], are you really thinking about winning a championship? You see what I’m saying,” Irvin said. “OK, so now if you’re not getting vaccinated and you got all these other teams that are getting vaccinated …”

“Somebody in that damn locker room [should say], ‘Hey man, we’re going to have a chance, are you vaccinated?'” Irvin said. “Let’s go through this because this could be a two-week healthy dude missing games, and in this league, this ain’t the NBA. In this league that could be it for you. The right person misses two weeks, that’s it. Your ass is out.”

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Written by Michael Whitaker

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