NFL insider believes Matthew Stafford would win if he was not on Detroit Lions

Believe it or not, there are still Detroit Lions fans who believe that Matthew Stafford is part of the reason why the Lions have not been able to get over the hump in the NFC North. Though that number has seemingly gotten smaller and smaller as Stafford has proven that he is a solid NFL quarterback, the morons, both locally and nationally, will always be there.

You can probably tell by reading that first paragraph that I am a big Stafford supporter and I believe that if he had the right team around him, he would win big.

One person who agrees with me is ESPN’s NFL Insider, Adam Schefter.

From WDIV Detroit:

Schefter said Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia are like every other NFL coach and general manager in the league. Without playoff wins, there’s pressure. But he does not agree with the negativity placed on Matthew Stafford.

“I think you put him on a lot of teams, and he wins”

“I think you put him on a lot of teams, and he wins,” Schefter said of Stafford. “I think he’s good enough to win in this league. That’s without a question in my mind. Now, it’s up to Lions to get job done this year.”

Nation, what do you think?