NFL is considering ‘Midnight Madness’ opening to training camp

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If you are a long-time fan of college basketball, you are likely familiar with the term, “Midnight Madness.”

Well, if you are a fan of “Midnight Madness” in college basketball and you are a fan of the NFL, you will be excited to hear that the league, according to Peter King, is “thinking seriously” about a “Midnight Madness” opening to training camp.

From Peter King:

Mark that date on your calendar, NFL fans. This is interesting: The NFL is thinking seriously of a “Midnight Madness” sort of opening to the training-camp season, with 28 teams opening on the same date and with some fanfare accompanying it. The new Collective Bargaining Agreement calls for teams to open camp 47 days before their first regular-season games, and so 28 of the 32 teams could (and I say could, because this is not final yet) open training camp on the same date—on or about Tuesday, July 27. (The two teams playing the Thursday night opener, plus the two teams playing the Hall of Fame game, would likely start a few days earlier.) The NFL has been good at inventing dates in dead spots of the calendar for the NFL to spring to front of mind. Late February: scouting combine. Mid-March: start of free agency. Late April: draft. So how about a special date in the dog days of summer? That’s what the league will try to do in the range of July 27 for 28 teams by celebrating the start of training camp.

Bring it on!

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