NFL Media Releases Walmart Incident Report Involving Dez Bryant

A rumor has been circulating that there is a video that shows Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant doing something that is very bad. Some even speculate that the contents of the video could be damaging enough to end his career in the NFL.

On Thursday, the NFL released a 2011 incident report from Walmart that involves Bryant and a woman being dragged from a car that is registered to him. The report, which is dated February 17th, was sent to the NFL from the City of Lancaster, Texas Police Department via the Texas Public Information Act. The incident report is from July of 2011 and is in regards to a police response to the Walmart located in Lancaster, Texas.

The report itself mentions that an unknown person contacted the police to report that a black female was “being dragged from one vehicle to another vehicle” by a black male. Apparently Bryant was the owner of the white Mercedes Benz that the woman was being dragged from.

When the City of Lancaster police finally arrived to the Walmart, a security guard told the officer that there was a disturbance and that when he arrived to the scene, the door to the Mercedes was left open but that nobody was present. A few minutes later two black males driving a black Cadillac Escalade, which was also registered to Bryant, drove up to the scene and parked next to the Mercedes. At this point the security guard contacted his agency.

The City of Lancaster officer made contact with the two men that were inside the Escalade, Carl King and Christopher Mitchell, and they both claimed that they had been called by the alleged victim to pick up her white Mercedes that was left in the Walmart parking lot.

While the officer was speaking to King and Mitchell, a white Bentley pulled into the parking lot. Inside the vehicle were the victim and Bryant. The officer then made contact with the victim who stated that she was in the parking lot with a different black male and that they had an argument but that was all. She then said that following the argument that she got in his car with him and left, leaving her white Mercedes behind in the parking lot. She then stated that she called King to go and pick up her car from the Walmart parking lot. The victim also stated that she was not assaulted in any way and that it was just an argument. She then stated that she was dropped off at a friend’s house and she contacted Bryant to pick her up. Finally she stated that she spoke to King who told her to come back to the Walmart parking lot.

The officer then made contact with Bryant who stated that the victim contacted him after having an argument with someone. Bryant stated that he went to pick her up from her friends house and then offered to go with her back to the parking lot for support. After the officer was finished speaking to all of the parties involved, it was determined that there was no offense and everyone was released.

Obviously something is just a little bit out of the ordinary here. If this incident has anything at all to do with the alleged video that is supposed to be released, Bryant may be in for a world of hurt. I am sure that almost every Walmart has video surveillance; could that potentially be the alleged video that everyone is talking about? Time will tell, but I have a feeling that we are going to find out the answer sooner than later.

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