NFL owners decide on proposal for flexing Thursday Night Football games

In a significant move to maximize viewership and excitement, NFL owners have unanimously approved a modified proposal that allows for flex scheduling of Thursday Night Football (TNF) games. This development, reported by trusted sources Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero of NFL Network Insiders, highlights the league’s commitment to delivering the best possible games to the largest audiences.

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Key Points

  • Owners have approved a modified proposal allowing for flex scheduling of Thursday Night Football games.
  • Flexing of Thursday games is limited to Weeks 13-17 with a four-week notice required.
  • A maximum of two TNF games can be flexed per year on a trial basis.
  • Flexible scheduling extends to Sunday afternoon games, allowing clubs to switch games with advance notice.
  • Despite concerns, the emphasis on prime-time NFL games influenced the decision, giving the league flexibility to create more enticing matchups.
  • The approval opens the possibility of captivating Thursday night games that can attract the largest audiences.

NFL owners decide on proposal for flexing Thursday Night Football games

The approved resolution brings with it strict guidelines. Flexing of Thursday games is permitted between Weeks 13 and 17, with a minimum four-week notice required. However, only a maximum of two TNF games can be flexed per year, and the flexibility introduced for TNF is currently on a trial basis.

Brian Rolapp, the NFL’s chief media and business officer, emphasized the importance of flexible scheduling in creating an attractive and engaging experience for fans. The new measures extend beyond Thursday night, applying to all television packages, including Sunday afternoon games. This allows clubs to potentially switch regular-season games to Thursday evenings or vice versa, provided the league office is notified at least 28 days in advance.

“We have added an element of flexible scheduling to each of the Thursday Night Football package,” NFL chief media and business officer Brian Rolapp said in a statement on Monday. “We now on all of our television packages including Sunday afternoon will have some element of flexible scheduling, which we think is paramount to make sure we ensure an attractive and the most attractive schedule for our fans that merited a fair amount of discussion. There was added perimeters on there since our discussion in March, which include a 28 days notice before we flex any game.”

Decision opens door for highly anticipated matchups

While concerns were raised by owners and the NFLPA regarding logistical challenges and potential impacts on fans, the league’s determination to showcase prime-time NFL games prevailed. The approval of flex scheduling for TNF opens the door to moving highly anticipated matchups into Thursday night slots, capitalizing on the heightened viewership those evenings offer.

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