NFL referee Tony Corrente explains why he threw late taunting flag on Bears LB Cassius Marsh


If you are just waking up, you may have already heard about the awful call that was made during the Monday Night Football game between the Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers.

The call, which was made by referee Tony Corrente, was that Cassius Marsh of the Bears was taunting the Steelers sideline, despite Marsh being pretty far away from the sideline.

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Corrente did not throw the flag until he purposely leaned into contact with Marsh as he was jogging by (you will see the video below).

Following the game, Corrente explained why he threw a late taunting flag.

“I saw the player, after he made a big play, run toward the bench area of the Pittsburgh Steelers and posture in such a way that I felt he was taunting them.”

Here are the full comments.


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If you happened to tune in for last night's game between the Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers, you saw a play that should have one NFL official in hot water.

Take a look as referee Tony Corrente purposely leans into contact with Cassius Marsh of the Chicago Bears as he is running by.

Marsh was already being flagged for taunting the Steelers' sideline after a key fourth-quarter sack of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

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Nation, what should the penalty be for Corrente?


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