NFL screws Detroit Lions’ fans once again

Leading up to the 2022 season, I predicted that the Detroit Lions Week 18 matchup against the Green Bay Packers would potentially be for a playoff spot. Well, here we are leading up to the final week of the season, and the Lions' final game COULD mean everything to them. Or, thanks to the NFL, it could mean absolutely nothing to the Lions in terms of a playoff spot.

Detroit Lions fans

How did the NFL screw Detroit Lions' fans?

Earlier today, the NFL announced the full Week 18 schedule, and many Lions' fans rejoiced to find out that their team will be playing the Packers on Sunday Night Football.

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Now, you may be one of the fans who were happy about finally seeing the Lions in a prime-time game in 2022, but you should not be.

After starting the season with a 1-6 record, the Lions scratched and clawed their way back to an 8-8 record, and they EARNED a meaningful Week 18 matchup against the Packers.

The problem is, if the Seattle Seahawks defeat the Los Angeles Rams earlier in the day, the Lions would be officially eliminated from contention, and their Sunday Night Football matchup against the Packers would mean absolutely nothing (unless you actually think that playing spoiler would be meaningful).

All the NFL had to do to guarantee the Lions and their fans a meaningful game in Week 18 was to schedule the Lions vs. Packers at the same time as (or earlier than) the Seahawks vs. Rams game. Had the NFL scheduled the Lions vs. Packers for 1:00 or even at 4:15, that game would have been important for both teams at the time of the game.

Instead, the Lions wanted Aaron Rodgers in prime time so badly that they made the decision they did. And, not surprisingly, Lions' fans will potentially get screwed out of a meaningful game in the final week of the season.

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Thanks for nothing, NFL.

P.S. All that being said, root hard for the Rams to beat the Seahawks so the Lions can give the NFL the middle finger by beating Aaron Rodgers AND getting into the playoffs!

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  1. Or dont and root for a loss by Rams and Detroit to Better their draft position for next years team which will be a TRUE contender and not just making the Playoffs. 💪💙🏈

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