Nicholas Castellanos says Detroit Tigers put ‘gas on the fire’ then they traded him

On July 31, 2019, during their game against the Los Angeles Angels, the Detroit Tigers notified Nicholas Castellanos that he had been traded to the Chicago Cubs.

In exchange for Castellanos, the Tigers received a pair of prospects, Alex Lange and Paul Richan.

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Since then, Castellanos has emerged as an All-Star caliber player for the Cincinnati Reds and on Sunday, he said the Tigers' decision to trade him threw some gas on the fire.

From Detroit Free Press:

“I think that’s all there is. It’s the nature of the business,” Castellanos said Saturday, standing outside the Cincinnati Reds' dugout at Great American Ball Park. “Where I was in ’19, they didn’t feel like I was a piece they could build around. At the end of the day, all that did was put a little more gas on the fire.”

“The validation is I was right in believing in myself and who I am as a player,” Castellanos said. “It’s true, man, when you have a great players and the organization is in a time period where winning is not a priority, the culture can affect the spirit of the individual who is going out and playing every day.”

As far as potentially opting out of his contract with the Red following the 2021 season, Castellanos does not want to talk about it.

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“Nothing you heard has come from my mouth,” Castellanos said. “Any speculation about free agency is nothing that's come from my mouth. Right now, the only thing that's next for me is focusing on winning here.

“We have a chance to win here. I'm not going to squander that opportunity by thinking about something that's after the season.”

Nation, do you think the Tigers made a big mistake by trading Castellanos?

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  1. I’ve always liked Nick you will always be one of my favorite players it sucks that tigers trailer them away then it suck that the Cubs didn’t resign them I hope he stays with the reds and bills with them but he could hop out but I hope he decides to stay with the reds cuz I do believe he could be a superstar for them and the reds knees someone like him along with votto and tucker

  2. YES!!!!!!!!!! Brad Asmus destroyed Nicks confidence….Terrible Mangement! I followed Nick thru the minors and couldn’t wait until he arrived in Detroit only to see him be bench in late innings for “D” reasons by Assmus! Good luck Nick !!!! P.S still following your Career..

  3. Would Love to have kept him as a Tiger. But, For his sake the best thing happened . All the Best for him !!!

  4. You are better off playing for another organization! Detroit teams don’t know how to win! Good luck to you! We loved you as a Tiger!

  5. It is sad they let Nick go. It’s seems like young Illitch does not want a big payroll. Why don’t u just sell the tigers then!.

  6. No he is a drama queen. He complained before he got traded and he desperately wanted out the Tigers abliged him because they had to rebuild. Now he should be happy it all worked out for him and he wants to crap on the Tigers some more. I am sorry what is he complaining about? Just you wait and see he will do the same thing to The reds if he doesn’t get the contract he wants from them. What a team player.

  7. At first I was disappointed but Candelario is doing OK and he can only get better. I do agree with most that the Tigers have traded away great players and not gotten much in return. I kind of miss Dombrowshi.

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