Nik Stauskas gets popcorned (video)

Sacramento Kings guard Nik Stauskas came this close to making it through his rookie year without catching the wrath of his prank-loving veteran teammates.

Unfortunately for Sauce Castillo, his day of reckoning came on Monday evening following Sacramento’s ten-point win over the Lakers. It turned out to be a rough night for Stauskas, who went scoreless against L.A. then opened his apartment door to find that this had happened:

[brid video=”6681″ player=”1841″ width=”480″ height=”270″]

Traditionally, the popcorn prank takes place inside an unsuspecting player’s automobile. In Stauskas’ case, he doesn’t have a car, nor a driver’s license, so teammates Reggie Evans, Rudy Gay, and DeMarcus Cousins were forced to get a little creative.

While the popcorn prank isn’t always well received by the prankee (Kenyon Martin once almost ended a ball boy’s entire existence when he discovered the white interior of his Range Rover had been piled roof high with buttered popcorn in 2010), Stauskas took his apartment surprise in stride, despite his bed and a fresh pair of Nikes being amongst the victimized possessions.

Interestingly, Stauskas sniffed out the potential for in-apartment disaster just five minutes before arriving home. We can’t say for sure, but we wonder if being followed around by a team cameraman as Sauce caught a ride home then opened his front door served as any sort of hint.

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