Oakland and Central Michigan to play at Jimmy John’s Field on April 26


If you’ve been so enamored with the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament this month, and/or following spring training baseball and increasingly getting excited about the 2017 MLB season, you may have missed out on some things, particularly the first month and change of college baseball.

Many teams are at least 20+ games into the regular season. Much of if not all of the action has migrated back to the north as the weather is gradually becoming more suitable for baseball players.

Two of the teams here in the Mitten — Central Michigan and Oakland — are no exception. However, both were hoping for better starts to the season. The Chippewas are 10-13 entering Tuesday, while the Golden Grizzlies have just two victories in 20 games played… ouch.

The two will be playing each other three times over the course of this season, with all meetings being on three separate days during the week: April 5, 11 and 26. The latter of those three days will be held at Jimmy John’s Field in Utica, Michigan, home to the United Shore Professional Baseball League.

It is believed to be the first college baseball game played at the relatively new venue, which should not come as a total shock due the the stadium and the USPBL entering its second official season.

The USPBL schedule, new with a fourth team this year in the Westside Woolly Mammoths, does not begin play until May 11.