Odds released for Detroit Lions signing QB Cam Newton

Over the past couple of days, there have been a couple of pieces written discussing the likelihood of the Detroit Lions signing free-agent quarterback, Cam Newton.

I will keep my opinion short and sweet by answering two questions. 1) Is Cam Newton better than what the Lions currently have at the backup QB position? And 2) Would Cam Newton consider signing with the Lions?

First of all, there is no question that Newton is better than what the Lions currently have as a backup quarterback and for the right price (cheap) it would be a no-brainer to sign him. That being said, to answer the second question, no, Newton would never consider signing with the Lions because other than a scenario that Matthew Stafford gets injured, there is zero chance he would ever start a game, which is likely his goal. Because of the answer to question two, I really do not see there being much of a chance at all of Newton and the Lions reaching a deal.

But what do the odds say about the Lions chances of signing Newton?

According to the odds recently released by DraftKings, the Lions are +1200 to sign Newton. Those odds place the Lions with the ninth-best chance (tied with the Broncos and Jaguars) to sign the former Carolina Panthers signal-caller.

According to DraftKings, the New England Patriots (+300) are the heavy favorite to sign Newton.

Detroit Lions, Cam Newton