Oddsmakers reveal potential destinations for Pistons’ Andre Drummond

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There are currently rumors swirling around Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond, and where he’ll spend the next phase of his career.

Of course, Drummond can opt-out of his player option for next season and become a free-agent, though there’s some speculation that he may not end up getting the max deal he’s looking for.

Still, the Pistons could move him on or before the February 6 NBA Trade Deadline in order to get assets back rather than lose him for nothing in free-agency.

And now, online betting site BetOnline has offered up these odds.

Will Andre Drummond be traded by the Feb. 6 NBA trade deadline?

Yes -250 (2/5)

No +170 (17/10)

Andre Drummond’s next team if traded by the Feb. 6 NBA trade deadline:

Atlanta Hawks 2/3

Boston Celtics 5/1

Toronto Raptors 5/1

Charlotte Hornets 7/1

Los Angeles Clippers 7/1

Dallas Mavericks 8/1

New York Knicks 12/1

Where do you think Drummond will ultimately end up?