Ohio State legend Eddie George pays off bet with ex-Michigan star Taylor Lewan [Video]

If you are a fan of the Michigan Wolverines, you are going to absolutely love what you are about to see. Prior to this year's game between Ohio State and Michigan, Buckeyes legend Eddie George and ex-Michigan star Taylor Lewan made a little bet. The parameters of that bet were such that the loser would have to do something that would certainly embarrass them, and that will live on forever.

Eddie George Taylor Lewan Ohio State Michigan

What did Eddie George have to do to settle his bet with Taylor Lewan?

As you are about to see, George had to pay off his bet with Lewan by wearing a Lewan Wolverines jersey (that clearly did not fit) and singing ‘The Victors', which, of course, is the Michigan fight song.

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Take a look and listen as George pays off his bet with Lewan.

Show a little more enthusiasm, Eddie!

*NOTE: George puts up his middle finger at the end of the video, so please make sure to stop it early if there is anyone around that you would rather not see something of that nature.

Way to be a good sport about it, Eddie!

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