Ohio State Whines About Their Portrayal in Latest EA Sports Release

The Ohio State Buckeyes Are Not Amused

The rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan football continues to unravel beyond the field, this time sparking controversies in the virtual world of the newly released EA Sports College Football 25 video game. Notoriously known for not holding back on their opinions, the Ohio State athletics department aired their grievances over their depiction in the video game, particularly emphasizing their discontent on X.

“A certain clip in here felt unnecessary,” tweeted the official Ohio State Buckeyes account, pointing towards a promotional video for the game that apparently did not sit well with them.

Michigan’s Celebratory Moments Highlighted

In a portrayal that might have seemed like rubbing salt into the wounds to Ohio State fans, the game features several highlights of Michigan’s recent successes, much to the Buckeyes’ chagrin. The game vividly captures Michigan’s Donovan Edwards outrunning Ohio State’s safety Lathan Ransom, among other celebratory snippets, including the Michigan team reveling with the ‘turnover buffs’ on the sidelines and Edwards lifting the Rose Bowl trophy. For Michigan fans, these inclusions are a dream depiction, epitomizing the peak of rivalry triumphs.

This favorable spotlight on Michigan has elicited nothing short of a virtual uproar from the Buckeye Nation, who appear to feel slighted by the game developers’ choices. The backlash underscores the deep-seated rivalry that extends beyond just the players and games, permeating through fan bases and now into digital recreations of college football lore.

What’s intended as entertainment in EA Sports’ latest college football installment has doubled as a new battleground for this fierce rivalry. As the digital and real worlds collide, the echoes of these disputes are likely to resonate well into the future, keeping the flames of one of college sports’ most intense rivalries alive and well. Whether on the field or in pixels, Ohio State vs. Michigan remains a potent storyline packed with emotions and controversies.

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Written by Jeff Bilbrey

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