OKC center Enes Kanter has no chill with full-court shot [VIDEO]

Buzzer beaters are exciting, especially when the shot is from further out. The full-court attempts with virtually no time left almost never go in or are unwarranted.

Like this shot (take the word ‘shot’ very lightly) from Thunder center Enes Kanter.

At the end of the third quarter in a game vs. Portland, Kanter grabs the rebound as time expires. He then turns and just decides to launch it à la Aaron Rodgers down the court and a good 10-15 rows deep into the stands.

Was that an honest attempt and just underestimated his strength, or was that meant to be a display of his arm power? Maybe he was feeling the spirit of the holidays and trying to give away a souvenir, or he knows the person or people he threw it at.

What do you think?

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