Olivia Dunne Draws Awkward Banter From Detroit Tigers Announcers

Olivia Dunne Had The Tigers Announcers Attention

The Detroit Tigers broadcasting team had an unexpectedly humorous moment during their pre-game coverage of Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Paul Skenes’ start against the Tigers on Wednesday afternoon. As they introduced viewers to “Gen Z’s New Power Couple” through a graphic comparison of social media followings between Skenes and his girlfriend Olivia Dunne, the segment took a playful turn.

Olivia Dunne

Awkward Banter Over Social Media Following

The coverage by Bally Sports Detroit became a mix of sports commentary and light-hearted banter when broadcaster Johnny Kane was caught checking his phone live during the segment. His colleague, in-game reporter Trevor Thompson, poked fun by asking, “What’s going on there man? Are you looking up Livvy Dunne?” This led analyst Carlos Pena to join in with a chuckle, noting, “She just gained one more follower,” implying Kane had followed Dunne on social media.

The interaction escalated with playful teasing about Kane’s new interest in Dunne’s gymnastic achievements at LSU, where she was a national champion. Kane continued to engage, asking Thompson if he planned to interview Dunne if she was in the stands. Thompson responded positively, expressing his intention to invite her to join their broadcast.

“Are you interviewing Livvy in the stands today?” Kane asked Thompson. 

“If I see her I’m going to try to track her down. See if she’ll come on to Bally Sports with us. Why not right?” Thompson said with a smile. 

TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Unexpected Broadcast Banter: The Detroit Tigers broadcasting team engaged in playful banter regarding Olivia Dunne, girlfriend of pitcher Paul Skenes, which included teasing about social media followings and potential interviews.
  2. Skenes’ Impressive Performance: Despite the lighthearted distractions, Paul Skenes delivered an outstanding performance during his start, striking out nine batters in six innings and playing a key role in the Pittsburgh Pirates’ 10-2 victory over the Tigers.
  3. Focus on Personal Stories: The segment highlighted how personal stories and relationships of athletes are increasingly becoming focal points in sports broadcasting, adding a different dimension to the coverage of games.
Olivia Dunne and Paul Skene
Photo courtesy of @LivvyDunne on Instagram

Skenes Shines in His Start

Amid the lighthearted banter about social media and gymnastics, Paul Skenes delivered an impressive performance on the mound. Making his fourth MLB start, Skenes dominated the Tigers’ lineup, striking out nine batters over six innings. His efforts were a crucial part of the Pirates’ commanding 10-2 victory, underscoring his growing reputation in Major League Baseball despite the humorous distractions surrounding his personal life.

The broadcasters’ focus on Skenes and Dunne’s relationship, while meant in jest, highlighted the increasing crossover between sports performance and personal stories in the world of professional sports broadcasting.

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