One Detroit Lions Player Included in All-Decade NFL Mock Draft

Only One Detroit Lions Player Made The Cut

When surveying the current Detroit Lions roster, it’s clear that the team is brimming with young talent, thanks to recent drafts. However, it’s a seasoned veteran who stands out in a significant way. Frank Ragnow, the Lions’ reliable center, was the sole representative from Detroit to be included in the All-Decade NFL Mock Draft recently put together by Trevor Sikkema of Pro Football Focus.

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Evaluating the Best Picks Since 2015

In this exercise, Sikkema evaluated the best picks at every draft slot from the past decade, focusing on selections made from 2015 onward. His analysis highlighted standout players who have made significant impacts in their respective slots. For the Lions, it was their 2018 first-round pick, Frank Ragnow, who earned the spotlight.

Frank Ragnow: A Pillar in Detroit’s Offensive Line

Ragnow was selected with the No. 20 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, and since then, he has been a cornerstone of the Lions’ offensive line. Sikkema praised Ragnow for his consistent performance and exceptional run-blocking ability, stating, “Ragnow has been a rock in the middle of the Lions’ offensive line for the past four seasons. That includes elite run-blocking grades in two of the past three seasons and an astounding 29.0% positively graded run play rate when blocking outside zone concepts in 2023.”

This recognition is a testament to Ragnow’s skill and durability. Over his tenure with the Lions, he has not only been a stabilizing force but also a leader who sets the tone for the team’s offensive front. His ability to consistently deliver high-level performance has made him indispensable to Detroit’s line-up.

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Comparison with Peers

In the evaluation, Sikkema also mentioned Garett Bolles, another notable player selected at the No. 20 spot. While Bolles has had a steady career, Sikkema argued that he hasn’t matched Ragnow’s peaks in terms of performance. This comparison underscores the exceptional value Ragnow has provided since his selection.

Ragnow’s Impact on the Lions

Ragnow’s influence extends beyond just his on-field capabilities. His leadership and work ethic have been instrumental in fostering a cohesive and effective offensive line unit. This has been particularly vital for the Lions, who have seen significant roster changes and needed a stable presence to anchor their offensive efforts.

With Ragnow at the helm, the Lions have been able to cultivate a robust run game and provide their quarterbacks with the protection needed to execute their game plans. His versatility and excellence in blocking, especially in outside zone schemes, have been critical to the Lions’ offensive strategy.

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Looking Ahead

As the Lions continue to build their team around a young and promising roster, veterans like Frank Ragnow provide the experience and reliability that are crucial for long-term success. His inclusion in the All-Decade NFL Mock Draft is a recognition of his outstanding contributions and sets a high bar for the younger players on the team.

Ragnow’s consistency and high-level play will be pivotal as the Lions aim to make their mark in the NFL. With such a solid foundation in place, Detroit fans have plenty to be optimistic about as they look to the future. The hope is that the younger talent will follow in Ragnow’s footsteps, combining their potential with the stability and excellence that he embodies.

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