Open letter to Martha Ford: Your team is a joke and Detroit Lions fans demand better

Dear Martha Ford,

I will keep this short and sweet for you.

On behalf of Detroit Lions fans who hope and pray that their team one day wins a Super Bowl, we demand you realize general manager Bob Quinn is a joke and he should be fired immediately, along with his pal, Matt Patricia.

Matthew Stafford was unable to play the past two weeks, but we refuse to allow Quinn and Patricia to use that as an excuse to stick around any longer.

Quinn has had his shot and he has proven incompetent when it comes to building a winning roster. In fact, I would argue that the team is in a worse position now than when he took over.

Patricia may be a brain surgeon or a drill sergeant or a rocket scientist or whatever, but one thing he is not is a good head coach.

We have suffered long enough with this organization and we have suffered long enough with this regime.

Mrs. Ford, we beg you to please fire Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia as soon as possible so your organization does not continue to waste the talents of Matthew Stafford.

In Pride,

Detroit Lions fans



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