Open ‘response’ letter to Detroit Lions’ ownership

To whom it may concern (Martha, Sheila, Rod, and whoever else is calling the shots in the Detroit Lions organization):

Yesterday, you made the decision to retain a general manager and a head coach, despite both of them failing miserably at their respective jobs over the past two seasons.

Now, a day later, you have published an open letter to Lions' fans, attempting to explain your rationale for keeping Quinntricia and then begging for the fans to fill Ford Field in the coming future.

In your letter, you point out that “injuries are never an excuse,” yet in the next sentence, you literally use injuries as an excuse for your team's lack of victories.

“Nonetheless, our team has played through serious injuries this season to some of our best players. Despite the injuries, we have remained competitive in each game and our team depth showed up as a strength.” 

Now, whether or not injuries are the main reason for your team's failures this season (they definitely play a huge role), you don't have to lie to us.

You went on to make sure that Lions fans know they “deserve a winning team that you are excited to cheer for and proud to represent.”

Thank you so much for reminding us (fans who have suffered for over 60 years) that we deserve a team that wins football games…insert facepalm emoji.

But do you really know what is upsetting?

What is upsetting — to put it nicely — is that you used this open letter as a way to beg the fans to “to fill Ford Field for every game, continuing to make it the great home field advantage that inspires our players and makes it difficult for our opponents.

Are you kidding us with this? Did you really just reach out to an irate fan base and ask them to spend hundreds of dollars on a Sunday so that your stadium is full?

Martha (or should we say, Sheila), Detroit Lions' fans are the most loyal fans in sports. We will always support the players on the field and root for our team to eventually win a Super Bowl.

That being said, when you compose a letter that lies to us and begs us to funnel more money into your pockets, it becomes very difficult to believe that you actually care about us.

There is a future generation of Lions' fans coming and we want them to experience what we have not been able to, a franchise they can be proud of.


Lions' fans who deserve better



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