OTD: Future Red Wings Brett Hull, Dominik Hasek involved in most controversial goal in NHL history (VIDEO)

Everybody knows the story by now, but we’ll break it down for those of you who may not.

The scene is HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York during Game 6 of the 1999 Stanley Cup Finals. The Dallas Stars and Buffalo Sabres are in triple overtime; a Dallas goal would give the franchise their first ever Stanley Cup, while a Buffalo goal would send the series back to Dallas for a deciding Game 7.

With just over five minutes remaining in the third overtime, Dallas forward Brett Hull took a pass and put the puck on net, which was stopped by Dominik Hasek. He then fired the rebound past a sprawled Hasek to end the game and give the Stars the Stanley Cup victory. The only problem – replays showed that Hull’s skate was in the blue paint of the crease, which was clearly against the rules at the time.


And ironically, the two would later team up to win the Stanley Cup with the Detroit Red Wings as part of the legendary 2001-02 season, though they said they never spoke of the incident as teammates!