Pat McAfee reveals new Detroit Lions curse

For those of you familiar with the history of the Detroit Lions, you have definitely heard of ‘The Curse of Bobby Layne.’

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That curse revolves around the Lions trading Layne, who had won three NFL Championships, for a prospect and some draft picks. As the legend goes, as Layne was walking away from his locker for the last time, he said that the Lions would not win again for another 50 years.

Well, that was said in 1958, which means the curse is over.

But according to Pat McAfee, the Lions now have a new curse on them.

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That is ‘The Calvin Johnson Curse’ and it has to do with the Lions not paying Calvin the money they owe him.

Take a listen below as McAfee says it as only he can.

Nation, are you buying this? Do you believe the Lions are cursed?