Pat Narduzzi gets his panties in a bunch, blasts Michigan State

Pittsburgh head coach Pat Narduzzi has his panties in a bunch about the Michigan State Spartans and the Big Ten Conference as a whole.

On Thursday, Narduzzi was a guest on Bazzy’s Black and Gold Banter, which is a Pittsburgh Steelers podcast, and he used the opportunity to throw some shade at his former team. (Narduzzi was once the defensive coordinator at MSU)

Pat Narduzzi blasts Michigan State, Big Ten Conference

Following the 2021 regular season, Pat Narduzzi and the Panthers, minus Heisman Trophy finalist Kenny Pickett, took on Michigan State, minus Kenneth Walker III, in the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl and the Spartans walked away with a 31-21 win.

“He is a 21-point difference, okay,” Narduzzi said of Pickett. “Michigan State gets their butt kicked in. It’s at least a 14-point difference if (backup quarterback) Nick Patti plays the whole game.

“I can tell you that. That’s how I feel.”

But Narduzzi did not only have his panties in a bunch regarding Michigan State but he also threw some major shade toward the Big Ten Conference as a whole.

“If that’s one of the best Big Ten teams,” Narduzzi began, “let’s go to the Big Ten and win it every year.”

A day later, Narduzzi was a guest on 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh and after one of the hosts told him that Michigan State fans are upset with him, he doubled down.

“That’s tough luck, it’s called facts,” Narduzzi said. “We didn’t have Kenny Pickett play we didn’t have Damarri Mathis play, two of our guys who got drafted. Nobody was going to run the ball on us.

“It’s just the way I felt, it came about talking about Kenny Pickett not playing in a bowl game and all that stuff, it didn’t mean to really come out, but it’s the absolute truth really. If that’s one of the best teams (in the Big Ten) then what are we talking about here?”

Hey, Patti, do you realize you are 1-6 against Big Ten teams since you took over at Pittsburgh? Do you even realize that Michigan State was without their best player (Kenneth Walker III)???

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Please come to the Big Ten, Patti. Your Pittsburgh team would be a bottom feeder at best.

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