Patrick Roy gets a job, we still hate him.

In honor of the Colorado Avalanche naming Head Coach and VP of Hockey Operations – We feel it is our duty to remind you just how much you (should) hate him.


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29 thoughts on “Patrick Roy gets a job, we still hate him.”

  1. Only reason he accepted the job is because the Detroit Red Wings are moving to the East

  2. terrific goalie, don’t think they’ll do much next year though no matter who’s coaching

  3. Can’t believe the Avs hired Patrick Roy as their head coach and VP of operations…. he was such a cheater, oversized pads and jersey/

  4. Roy is a douchebag. I don’t need to be reminded why I hate him, but watching him get clobbered is always a treat…

  5. OR, maybe Varlamov will demand a trade if he thinks Roy left him in the game too long…?

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