Pavel Datsyuk In NHL 94 Mode

Many of us remember a month back when Pavel Datsyuk went end-to-end through all five Nashville Predators to beat goalie Pekka Rinne.

Many of us also remember 18 years back when we played NHL 94 while drinking Slice.

Here is a video via that combines the majesty of said Datsyuk goal with the timeless SFX and graphics-package of NHL 94.

Makes me miss the Hartford Whalers more than ever.

If you don’t remember or know of NHL 94, SHAME ON YOU. Seriously, age is no excuse. NHL 94 is arguably the greatest sports video game of all-time, released in the golden era of 16-bit game counsels that included such titles as NBA Jam, Madden 95 and Bulls vs. Blazers and the NBA Playoffs.

I know these days you kids love to get online and ‘chirp’ about how you beat ‘dusters’ with your ‘dirty cannon’ from ‘Stammer’ then make him do ‘sick cellies’ on NHL 13 but in a perfect world sports video games would’ve ended with NHL 94. There is no reason to mess with perfection. Glad the folks at paid reverence to ‘Datter’ and the classic game.

-Kyle Bauer


Datsyuk NHL 94 Style -

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