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Pavel Datsyuk’s top 10 goals as a Detroit Red Wing [Videos]

The Magic Man was a pure treasure in Hockytown

Happy 44th Birthday to the Magic Man!!!

Pavel Datsyuk was indescribable with the Detroit Red Wings. For years, the jaw-dropping, one-of-a-kind moves he made on the ice left both the fans and the goalies he scored on speechless. From dekes to dangles, to that smile he cracked after he knew he made the entire team behind him dizzy, Datsyuk was one fun hockey player to watch.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 Pavel Datsyuk goals as a Red Wing.

#10- A Flash of the Future


Datsyuk in his rookie season (2002) shows us a sign of things to come by scoring on an end-to-end goal against the Vancouver Canucks. Pavel left these two defenders wondering what in the world just happened to them.

#9- The Miracle Worker

This goal was clutch. During game 1 of the playoffs vs. the Boston Bruins, Datsyuk ended the game’s long, scoreless tie. After taking control of the puck around center ice, Datsyuk gets to the left side of the ice past two Boston defenders and puts a rocket of a shot in the back of the net. Great hands and vision showed by Datsyuk here.

#8- Precision Always Pays Off


Pavel Datsyuk can not only dangle and deke, but he can also shoot. Johan Franzen bounced a puck over to Pavel, and it went a little far. That wasn’t a problem for Datsyuk, though. With his precision, he shoots an absolute bullet past Corey Crawford at home, in the 2013 playoffs.

#7- Pavel Keeps the Streak Alive


With a consecutive home win record on the line for the Detroit Red Wings and a tie game with under ten seconds left in the 3rd period, Datsyuk came up big. Nicklas Lidstrom backhanded a pass to Henrik Zetterberg who then passed to Datsyuk, and let him handle the rest.

#6- Breakaway King


Once you get the puck to the greatest two-way player in the world on a breakaway, you’re not going to stand a chance against him. Just ask Marty Turco.

#5- Always Watch for Houdini


Roman Josi had no idea Pavel Datsyuk was lurking, and neither did goalie Pekka Rinne. Datsyuk steals this puck right out of Josi’s hands, and Rinne didn’t even see Datsyuk until after the puck was in the net. One of the sneakier goals Pavel has scored.

#4- Another Steal, Another Goal


This goal is similar to number five and was against the Nashville Predators. This goal was a little flashier by the magic man. Kevin Kline had his pocket picked, then Datsyuk dekes a few times fooling the goalie and backhands one top shelf. This goal perfectly displays many skills that Datsyuk has, on both sides of the puck.

#3- You Can’t Stop Pavel Datsyuk

This is the shootout where Datsyuk made a name for himself. Everybody knows that when he is called on in the shootout, he always has a bag of tricks that he can unleash. Moves like this one on Chicago Blackhawks goalie Antti Niemi prove that Datsyuk can score any way possible.

#2- Shootout Master


Another shootout wonder by Houdini himself.  Tomas Vokoun had absolutely no chance on this one. Datsyuk slid the puck all the way to the right, trying to get Vokoun to bite, but instead made him look like a fool. Vintage Datsyuk right here.

#1-  An Entire Team Can’t Stop Him


There is nothing that he can’t do, ladies and gentlemen. Pavel Datsyuk has scored some of his finest goals against the Nashville Predators. He pretty much splits through the entire Nashville team and just gets it past Rinne. This goal is one that will be played over and over, forever.  In my opinion, the flashiest goal Datsyuk has ever netted.

Written by W.G. Brady

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