Penei Sewell breaking down fans’ pass protection vs. wife is perfection [Video]

On Sunday, during a win over the New York Jets, Penei Sewell and the Detroit Lions offensive line were brilliant once again, and it has now been 10 quarters since an opposing pass rush has sacked quarterback, Jared Goff. But, apparently, Sewell is not just good at getting the job done on the field, but he also seems to be pretty comfortable evaluating talent as an analyst. Sewell showed that on Tuesday, as he broke down a video of a husband pass-blocking against his wife.

Penei Sewell

What did Penei Sewell say about the husband's pass protection against his wife?

“Oh, man! I see nothing but greatness,” Penei Sewell said to Nolan Bianchi of the Detroit News. “Start off with the stance. He's loading up on the inside, ready to get out of it. Great patience off the line. Not oversetting to allow the inside move. Then as you saw right there with his left hand, great job of stabbing the nearest point, knocking the defender off his feet, causing him to redirect in any way possible, and then keeping the feet moving. That's a money rep.”

As far as the women's pass rush, Sewell was not so kind.

“It's a little rough,” Sewell said when asked about the women's pass-rushing abilities. “We gotta work on that a little bit. You gotta know who you're going against. It's a big dude with long arms. You can't get the arms on you.”

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