Penei Sewell dominates Aidan Hutchinson during first padded practice

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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If you have been following along so far during Detroit Lions training camp, you have likely heard how dominant rookie EDGE Aidan Hutchinson has been against Penei Sewell and the offensive line.

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But that was without pads.

On Monday, the Lions players were in pads for the first time during training camp and it was Sewell and the offensive line who flipped the script on Hutchinson and the defensive line.

Penei Sewell dominates Aidan Hutchinson during first padded practice

According to multiple observers who were at Monday’s training camp practice, Penei Sewell dominated Aidan Hutchinson during their first matchup with the pads on.

Here are a couple of observations from writers who were at Monday’s practice.

From Detroit Free Press:

Rookie first-round pick Aidan Hutchinson has been a camp standout so far, but he had a modest performance in one-on-one drills. Right tackle Penei Sewell kept Hutchinson at bay in both their reps (and Hutchinson jumped early on the second one), and Darrin Paulo did a good job moving his feet to stay with Hutchinson in Hutchinson’s third rep near the end of the period.

From Pride of Detroit:

When the Lions drafted Aidan Hutchinson last April, one of the first conversations in the media room surrounded the anticipation of him lining up across from 2021 first-round pick Penei Sewell. We saw the two square off against one another without pads last week, with Hutchinson getting the better of the matchup on Saturday, but with pads on today, Sewell was the dominant player, easily dispatching the rookie.

They faced off twice in one-on-one drills, and Hutchinson tried a different shifty technique with each attempt, but both times Sewell got into his set, waited for the right opportunity, and locked on to the edge rusher, immediately stopping him in his tracks.

Iron sharpens iron!

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