PFF writer says he would be ‘pissed off’ if Deshaun Watson got traded to Detroit Lions

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We all know there is no chance in hell that Deshaun Watson will ever be traded to the Detroit Lions but if it somehow happened (in an alternate universe), it would be pretty damn awesome, right?

Well, according to Ian Hartitz of Pro Football Focus, he would be “legit pissed off” if Watson landed with the Lions.

In a recently published article, Hartitz ranked each NFL destination in terms of which would be the “most fun” to watch play out and coming in dead last, in the “I would be legit pissed off if this happened” category, was the Detroit Lions.

Here is what Hartitz had to say about how he would feel about Watson landing with the Lions.

31. Detroit Lions

Yes, T.J. Hockenson and D’Andre Swift are fun. Maybe the Lions even decide to bring back Kenny Golladay.

That’s it. That’s the “allure” of Watson going to Detroit. Honestly my favorite part about this theoretical signing would be the Jared Goff element. Would kneecap-biter enthusiast Dan Campbell force his pair of signal-callers to compete in some sort of gladiator-themed competition in order to determine who starts? Would Goff simply accept that being a full-time backup QB might be more fun than actively getting teed off on in the pocket every Sunday? Would Watson simply demand another trade?

The Lions have a few solid pieces, but this is still anybody’s idea of a bottom-five offense when it comes to surrounding skill-position talent. The Lions are currently set to pay the following wide receivers money to play football in 2021: Geronimo Allison, Quintez Cephus, Victor Bolden and Tom Kennedy. Sheesh.

Slotting the Lions as the No. 31 team in the Watson sweepstakes is certainly akin to kicking a man that’s already been down for something around half a century. Still, rules are rules, and I simply can’t imagine a less-fun version of Watson than him wasting away in silver and blue for the next decade.

Don’t worry, Ian. Watson will not be traded to the Lions.