Phil Steele: Michigan is the No. 3 most improved team in college football

When it comes to college football, not many analysts are as respected as Phil Steele. He has been digging deep for years to bring fans the most comprehensive analysis on each and every team in the nation. If you have ever purchased one of his college football previews, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Steele recently joined Matt Dery of 105.1 Detroit to talk about the University of Michigan football team and how he thinks they will fare in 2015.

“First of all, I think Jim Harbaugh steps into a good situation. Michigan had too much talent last year to finish just 5-7… That defense allowed just 311 yards per game. I know I’ve listened to a couple national radio shows at the end of last season and they were calling Michigan’s defense poor because of their record, but they weren’t poor…. I rate the defensive line, linebackers and defensive backs all among the top 25 in the country.” Steele said.

In addition to his confidence in Michigan’s defense, Steele also believes big things are on the horizon for the offensive line.

“The offensive line should be the area that Michigan shows the largest improvement. They’ve struggled in that area the last two years. A big reason that they went 5-7. Now, it’s a veteran offensive line. There are good players in there as well.” Steele said.

Overall, Steele believes Michigan will be much improved in 2015 and will improve on their 5-7 record from a year ago.

“I see Michigan clearly improving their record.” Steel said. “I have them the number three most improved team in the country. I see them going from 5-7 maybe up to 8, perhaps even 9, wins.”

Only time will tell if Steele is right about Michigan in 2015, but his track record on these things is right more often than not. If he is correct, Michigan fans will have some pretty big smiles on their faces when all is said and done.

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