Philadelphia Eagles CB Darius Slay apologizes for tweet he has since deleted

On Friday, Philadelphia Eagles CB Darius Slay quote tweeted a video of a police officer getting hit in the head with an object. The quote Slay chose to add to the tweet (which has since been deleted) caused quite an uproar on social media as many took it as him condoning violence against police officers.

Here is Slay’s original tweet.

On Saturday morning, Slay took to Twitter to offer an apology to anyone he offended.

“Yesterday I made a comment on a post that, at the time, seemed harmless to me. If you know me, you know I’m a funny, outgoing type of guy. I made a comment that seemed humorous at the time but meant no harm. I do not condone law enforcement violence whatsoever, especially with everything going on now. To anyone I offended, I do apologize,” Slay tweeted.

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