Photo emerges of Michigan fan in ‘Surrender Cobra’ pose at MSU/Miami game

Andy Billingsly (made up name) woke up on Saturday morning, threw some water on his face, ran his fingers through his hair, and then put on his best bandana and favorite University of Michigan t-shirt in preparation for what was going to be an amazing day.

You see, Andy had big plans for his day off from whatever it is he does as he and his pops scored tickets to the Michigan State vs. Miami game in Miami Gardens, Florida.

All week long, Andy talked about how great it was going to be to watch the Spartans football team that he hates so much lose their first game of the season to the Hurricanes.

Little did Andy know, Michigan State was not only going to beat Miami but they were going to beat them handily.

Oh, and one more thing, Andy was going to become a meme.

Here is a look at Andy doing the ‘Surrender Cobra’ pose after Spartans WR Jalen Nailor caught a 39-yard touchdown.