Photographer snaps perfect image of Penei Sewell doing the unthinkable

    It was 3rd & 7 for Penei Sewell and the Detroit Lions with just 2:00 remaining in the game. The ball was spotted on the 42-yard line, and a very important decision had to be made. Either run the ball, hoping to pick up enough yards for a first down, or reach into the old back of tricks and find a play that involves throwing the ball to an offensive lineman. As we now know, the Lions decided to do the latter, and it ended up working exactly as planned.

    In case you missed it, here is the play:

    Detroit Lions Penei Sewell

    Photographer snaps perfect image of Penei Sewell doing the unthinkable

    If you follow Detroit sports, you have likely heard of photographer, Mike Mulholland. Mulholland is one of the best in the business, as you are about to see in the photo (or photo of the photo) below.

    Take a look at this perfect photo of Sewell doing the unthinkable, and catching a first-down pass to seal the game for the Lions.

    Here are the other photos Mulholland snapped on the big play.

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