Pistons fan’s trash talk too much for Miami’s Udonis Haslem

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The Detroit Pistons are known for their home court advantage. Miami Heat forward Udonis Haslem is no stranger to the Auburn Hills crowd. Quite frankly the words DETROIT BASKETBALL should be ringing in his ears constantly considering all of the important games that the Heat and Pistons have played over the years.

During Wednesday’s game at the Palace between Detroit and Miami, Haslem had finally had enough and lost his cool with a Detroit fan. According to reports, a fan was talking trash and apparently said enough for Haslem to challenge the fan face to face with about five minutes remaining in the 4th quarter.

Haslem later talked to the South Florida Sun Sentinel about what led to the confrontation.

“You know how fans get some times? They get real disrespectful. It wasn’t nothing racial or sexiest. It was a lot of disrespect. You can cheer for the other team, but I’m not going to tolerate the disrespect for other things.”

The fan was escorted out of the arena after the altercation. Haslem was steered clear of the fray by his teammates. According to reports, it was not a physical confrontation. The Pistons went on to win the game 107-84.

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