Pistons unveil minor tweaks to court design for 2016-17

In lieu of a complete logo overhaul (still on hold, for now), the Detroit Pistons have instead opted for a more subtle approach to their offseason graphical re-design.

On Tuesday morning, the team’s official Twitter page unveiled a handful of minor alterations to the Palace’s court art for the 2016-17 season.

Most noticeably, the team has finally jumped aboard the league’s developing trend of eliminating amateur basketball markings along each side of the paint. Instead, the lane is now almost entirely swathed in solid blue.

In addition, the baseline “Detroit Pistons” text has shifted away from a royal blue outline and navy blue shadow to a more simplistic white, shadowless design, while also closing a previously large void between “Detroit” and “Pistons” in the process.

Other minor alterations include a new midcourt sideline marking reading “Detroit Basketball” with this past winter’s leaked logo lodged inside the letter “o” in Detroit, just as it was throughout the Pistons’ 2016 ad compaign.


Pistons baseline


New Paint

Simpler, cleaner, and likely something that only matters to 13 percent of the Pistons fanbase (myself included). We’ll take it.