Pittsburgh HC Pat Narduzzi just took to Twitter to make his future intentions known

On Tuesday, Mark Dantonio announced he was stepping down as head coach at Michigan State.

Following the announcement, speculation immediately began regarding who would be the next football coach at MSU.


One name that has come up over and over again is Pittsburgh head coach, Pat Narduzzi.

Narduzzi, of course, was one the defensive coordinator at Michigan State under Mark Dantonio and there have been rumors that he would replace Dantonio when he eventually retired.

Well, Narduzzi took to Twitter just minutes ago and he made it clear that he will not be leaving Pittsburgh.

Yesterday, Iowa State coach Matt Campbell said he was not interested in MSU and now Narduzzi has made it known that he will not be leaving Pittsburgh.

Does this mean it's now Luke Fickell or bust?