Play of the Night: Singler Jams, Josh Smith Gets Rejected

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The stars seemed to be aligning for Houston Rockets forward Josh Smith. Shooting over 50% from the field over his last four games (all Rockets wins), Smith appeared primed for a big-time performance Saturday night against the club that released him.

Alas, the short-handed Pistons had other ideas. Smith’s former teammate Kyle Singler got things started early, sprinting in transition off a Rockets turnover. As Smith attempted to size up for a Tayshaun Prince-like chasedown block, Singler rose and finished with a heavy duty two-hand flush past the outstretched arm of Smith.

On the other end, Smith immediately attempted to return the favor but found ol’ frontcourt chum Andre Drummond waiting for him at the rim. Things did not end well. Drummond elevated and handily swatted away Smoove’s lefty jam attempt, quickly leading to another fast break opportunity and Pistons score.

In all, Smith shot just 3-11 from the floor in a 114-101 runaway loss to the Pistons.

Thanks to BadBoysRemix for the clip.