Poll: Is Dan Campbell the right person for the job?

On Sunday, the Detroit Lions played their worst game under the leadership of head coach Dan Campbell and there has been plenty of chatter about whether or not he is the right person for the job.

Following the game, Campbell put the blame on his shoulders, saying the Lions have reached “rock bottom.”

“Certainly, we did not play good football there,” Campbell said. “It was not good, it was the worst game of the season overall, as a team and that falls on me. You cannot play that way unless, you know, your head coach doesn’t have them ready, so that’s 100% on me.”

Poll: Is Dan Campbell the right person for the job?

Personally, I think it is WAY too early to decide whether or not Campbell is the right person for the job but I am curious to see what you think.

Place your vote!

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  1. Keep the fans entertained and hopeful while the team continues to rebuild? Yes! Absolutely!

    Then we will get some more top defenders next year in the draft. Maybe one more year of Campbell. Trade future draft assets at that point for some higher quality veterans. At this point we’re a fringe playoff team. Hire a new coach to take us to the promise land.

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