Potential blockbuster trade sends Deshaun Watson to Detroit Lions

Let me begin by saying that it pains me to even write this article because I know there is absolutely no chance in hell that it will actually happen. Matthew Stafford will be the Detroit Lions quarterback in 2021, just like I said he will be the Lions quarterback in 2020.

That being said, there are a solid amount of Stafford haters, or as I like to call them, people who do not understand what a good quarterback looks like, who have been trying to drive the former No. 1 overall pick out of town for most of his career.

Anyways, those people want to move on from Stafford and I am sure this proposed blockbuster trade from Bleacher Report will get them all excited, so here we go.

Bleacher Report recently put out an article with potential trades that could happen in regards to Houston Texans quarterback, Deshaun Watson, who is one of the best young signal-callers in the NFL.

So, here ya go.

This scenario would require quite a few pieces to fall into place. After all, the Detroit Lions owe veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford $33 million in 2021, and we’re still waiting to find out who will serve as the general manager and head coach next year. 

But there’s a chance the incoming regime will prefer to start from scratch. Stafford has led the team to exactly zero playoff wins in 12 seasons, and Detroit can save $14 million by trading or releasing the soon-to-be 33-year-old this offseason. 

That could enable them to chase Watson with the No. 7 overall pick in this year’s draft, along with a second-rounder this year and a first-round selection in 2022. That may or may not suffice, but it might be worth the offer if you’re essentially getting Watson instead of Wilson or Lance and you think you can compete enough next year to diminish that 2021 draft capital you’re selling off.

A steeper alternative could be an offer that sends 2020 No. 3 overall pick Jeff Okudah to Houston along with the 2021 No. 7 overall selection and some extra draft capital tantamount to a Day 2 selection. But I’m sure a lot of Lions fans would be infuriated by such a package since Stafford is still more than capable at a lower salary than Watson. 

But if the stars aligned, would Detroit even be compelling enough for Watson to waive his no-trade clause? That’s the great unknown with all these situations, though it would sure help the Lions if they were to re-sign impending free-agent receiver Kenny Golladay. 

Can I go back to drinking my coffee now?

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47 thoughts on “Potential blockbuster trade sends Deshaun Watson to Detroit Lions”

  1. I’m sorry Watson. And what was there record. Exactly no better then Staffords. And we’re going to trade them stafford and a 21 first #7, 21 second and 22 first. You think that improves the lion’s rebuilding really. No that means we’re 2-3 yrs from competing regularly and Texans would come out on top of this deal. Please stop putting dumb articles up.

    • Agreed. Get Joe Brady as head coach, Draft Northwestern’s QB Payton Ramsey. Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick then trade Stafford for draft picks. Upgrade defense line
      and ad a linebacker and draft a top receiver.

    • The main goal is the Superbowl. 12 years doesnt look like thats on Matthews agenda, he’s paid good, and hasnt won a playoff game.

    • Im with you Matt, dumb articles. Stafford may not be the solution for alot of people here in Detroit, but as a Lions fan I don’t see Stafford as the problem. If they had a running game at all in his 12yrs as QB maybe he would have a playoff win or two. Reggie Bush I believe was the last 1000yd rusher. That’s sad, how is a man supposed to do his job of the defense knows exactly what your offense is going to do? If you ca t run the ball then whats left pass!! What a no brainer, but people still blame Stafford and say he is no good, trade him, etc. He’s the best QB I can remember in my 42yrs on this planet. If we had a Barry Sanders running the ball and the recievers that we have had our playoff appearances wouldn’t be an issue. It would be all the winning and still people will find something to complain about.

      • It is really strange that two excellent superstars quit Detroit in the Prime of their careers. Barry Sanders just walked away and so did Robotron. Tough on Matt when one of the best receivers in the game walks away. It changes everything. Instead of filling other needs, like running back, they need to draft a receiver. Then not all first round pan out. So it takes a lot of draft capital to straighten out a position that was solid.

      • First off as far staffer goes you can’t throw the ball flat on your back. Second it doesn’t matter a rats ass if your offense scores 50 points a game if your defense gives up 51
        Enough said

    • But u can build around him. Texans are like Detroit. They make stupid decisions when it comes to keeping there good players. Or the trade for the wrong people. This guy is a winner. Just needs the right team behind him. And he is young real young.

  2. You sound like a groupie dude a never a average as QB being paid a boat load of cash to do nonething He should of been gone year’s ago

    • Stafford has a average line at best had hurt hideouts this year. Stafford played hurt throughout his career and the team D can never make a 4th quarter stop. Go look at staffords career stats and tell me he’s ‘average’. So tired that as a lions fan I have to be in the same category group as haters like you.

  3. Just leave the house a few more times and you’ll clear your head of the quarantine cob-webs. This was a stupid article. I only read the first line. It discredited anything written afterwords.

  4. You can’t blame Stafford for all the losses. Damn he can’t do it by himself. Put good team around him and watch him take off. Blame the ownership. Bad coaches terrible drafts.

  5. By far the stupidest shit I ever heard! This is not madden football!
    What do the Packers spend on Quarterback?
    What do the Cheif spend on Quaterback?
    If the Lion get one off these top Quaterbacks at # 7 I would then thi
    nk of trading to save 14 million there will be plenty of Takers

  6. Leave Stafford with the Lions and actually spend the money on a supporting cast to help him. He has all the mechinics of a Hall of Fame Quarterback, just no supprting cast. Get a solid offensive line and most of all an actual Defense that can stop teams in the second half. Will always be a die hard Lions Fan just really confused why they never spend to get great quality.

    • Stafford has never been the problem, just look up his stats. I feel sorry for the guy. No running game, no offensive line and no defense. Oh and the last coach was terrible. Stafford has been an iron man playing hurt and at a high level. He’s only 33. Surround him with halfway decent team mates and they will win playoff games!

  7. Stafford is a joke. He sucks. Can’t run, not a team leader. Hes one of those guys who sez “i did my job”. Overpaid too. Stafford sucks and has no desire to improve.

  8. I don’t care if you have the best QB back in the league The lions have to find a way so he has more than 3 seconds to get rid of the ball. Look how the losing records team’s fare so well against our defense
    because their QB gets 7 to 8 seconds to throw the ball in that time the receivers can run their routes. 2 The lions run about 82 % runs off tackle on 2nd down. so if I was the defensive coordinator on the opposing team I would know this. 3 Upgrade the defense-first so you can keep the other team’s offense on their bench.

  9. Matt Stafford is a good athlete but doesn’t have the heart or personality to be a WINNER!
    HE’S NOT WORTH WHAT THEY’RE PAYING HIM & his wife’s a big mouth spoiled brat

  10. There are many more issues to deal with than just stafford such as an offensive line and a rush defense both are non existent in Detroit first and foremost though there has to be accountability and discipline from these guys who are becoming very rich for there high school tactics

  11. With the B.S Stafford has had to help him he still has put up great numbers for being on a under 500 ball club. If he had the support like some other elite qb’s in this league maybe we would have a top 5 team in the NFL consistently. Typical Lions fans blame the QB everytime. Stafford is a great leader, plays hurt all the time, gets sacked more than the average QB, up until the end of 2020 season he had a ridiculous amount of starts despite injuries, the list goes on and on for his leading qualities. He leads in 4th quarter comeback drives, to say He doesn’t lead or is paid to much is insulting that mans dedication to a losing franchise. 12yrs and has he ever tried to leave for a better team? I’m sure if he had left years ago he would have a championship by now if not he would be closer to acheiving that goal had he left seeking a higher quality organization. He hasn’t because he is a leader, not a quitter, and has belief in his abilities that one day he will lead this sorry ass of a franchise to the promise land.

  12. No way, for what its worth, Stafford should be able to do what he wants!
    The beating he has taken, over the years plus his toughness and leadership on a dysfunctional team makes him a top QB.
    Watson is not the answer….

  13. Fr bro your the one who dont understand what a good QB looks like. Thats why the lions are in the same boat every year. Get off matts jock bro he not a good QB

  14. Amen I don’t know why these experts love stafford so much he’s average at best…. he’s got to go in order to get the bad mojo off of the lions

    • Oh yeah like Rodney Peete and Charlie Batch? They weren’t half as good as Stafford. Numbers do not lie. The Lions are supposed to be a team. One man cannot do it all. Did you not see how horrible they were without Stafford the last few weeks he didn’t play?

  15. Stafford is our guy, Watson is damn good but there is no way he’s gonna wave his no-trade clause to come to Detroit! Try signing Golladay& if that doesn’t work, they’ve gotta keep # 11. Okudah is gonna be a bust it looks like. Trade him in a package to possibly get a 1st round pick. Jarrad Davis is also tradeable. Waddle from Bama looks damn good at # 7. Then we’ve gotta go defense, Defensive end, Linebacker, there will be some good picks available.

  16. We have enough bad Fake News in the world;
    Just sell the Lions, move them to Grand Rapids. We might make it to the playoffs this decade after those two changes.

  17. I am a true believer in honoring loyalalty. He has played his heart out. His team make up hasn’t always been the best. Hard to put all the blame on him. The upper management has failed to properly give him a supporting cast. 50 plus years of incompetence cannot be saved or salvaged by one man. Check out Cleveland..I’m for younger QB, learn from Mr Stafford

  18. Not he needs a good O line have these people forgot 5k a few yrs ago playing with a dislocated shoulder. The team mates love that’s important

  19. My thoughts and feelings on this is Absolutely Insane! Matthew Stafford is an AMAZING QB & what the TEAM NEEDS is better management and decision making! Not a QB that had an amazing team without being able to get to the Super Bowl!!! The Detroit Lions need to keep MATT STAFFORD & rebuild AROUND HIM????‼️

  20. First of all Standford is done ppl can have these delusional episode if they want to it’s a free country but over the years Standford has shown repeatedly that he has trouble reading defenses. If he was so damn great he would have won a couple of playoff games but he hasn’t. Nobody cares about how tough he is the bottom line is he’s a mediocre quartback let him go so he can be a better quarterback.

  21. They never build a team around him. He started they had Jason Hanson as their kicker. Poor Jason#4 .21 years no super bowl. Forever we get these great players no team around him. Like #20. Bernie Sanders and nothing. Then we had Megatron. Nothing happened. Stop sucking up people cash at the box office.

  22. What a totally ridiculous article!! He starts out by saying that there is almost a very likely chance the trade even happens….then why even write this garbage? Absolutely silly.

  23. //people who do not understand what a good quarterback looks like//

    Excuse me…. aaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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