Pro Bowl TE George Kittle praises Detroit Lions TE Sam LaPorta

The Detroit Lions have high hopes for their tight end position as they look to bolster their offense for the upcoming season. Among the players expected to make a significant contribution is rookie TE Sam LaPorta, a promising young talent who has garnered praise from one of the league's best tight ends, George Kittle.

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Key Points

  • Kittle has praised LaPorta, commending his athleticism, burst, and reliable hands.
  • LaPorta's skills and potential as a playmaker have caught the attention of Kittle, one of the league's best tight ends.
  • The endorsement from Kittle indicates the confidence and belief in LaPorta's ability to make a significant impact on the Lions' offense.

Pro Bowl TE George Kittle praises Detroit Lions TE Sam LaPorta

Kittle, known for his exceptional skills and playmaking ability, has expressed confidence in LaPorta's abilities and predicts that he will make big plays for the Lions. Observing LaPorta's workouts, Kittle has been impressed by his athleticism, agility, and reliable hands. With his forward lean and explosive breaks, LaPorta has the potential to become a valuable asset in the Lions' passing game.

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“Just watching him work out, the way he moves, he's got a great forward lean, great burst out of his breaks, great hands and he's eager, too,” Kittle said. “Sam's gonna be just fine. He's gonna make some big plays this year.”

Bottom Line – High Expectations for LaPorta

LaPorta's receiving praise from Pro Bowl tight end George Kittle is a testament to his potential and the excitement surrounding his role within the Detroit Lions' offense. With his athleticism, burst, and reliable hands, LaPorta has the tools to become a playmaking asset and a reliable target for quarterback Jared Goff. As the Lions aim to build upon their offensive success, LaPorta's development and contributions will be closely monitored. The endorsement from Kittle adds weight to the high expectations placed on LaPorta, making him a player to watch as he embarks on his NFL journey with the Lions.

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