Projected lineups for Red Wings preseason opener

Rejoice, hockey fans! We’re one step closer to hockey. The Pittsburgh Penguins will make their way to the Joe Louis Arena this evening as the Red Wings begin the preseason portion of their schedule. Although the game will not be televised, we do have an idea of who will be playing in tonight’s scrimmage.

Some of the names in the lineup that you might not recognize are Matt Lorito (second full professional season), Ben Street (29 career NHL games), Mitch Callahan (one career NHL game, five seasons with Grand Rapids Griffins), Evgeny Svechnikov (first professional season), Mike Borkowski (first full professional season), Givani Smith (first professional season), Louis-Marc Aubry (five seasons with Griffins), Colin Campbell (two seasons with Griffins), Nathan Paetsch (167 career NHL games, spent last four seasons with Griffins), Nick Jensen (spent last two seasons with Griffins), Dan Renouf (first full professional season), and Joe Hicketts (first professional season).

As stated earlier, tonight’s game will not be televised, but we will be sure to provide results as soon as possible!

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